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Just as we are defined by our relationship to the landscape that surrounds us and in which we live, we should not neglect the inner landscape. It, too, must be cultivated, nurtured, respected, and cared for to be in harmony.

Hemnia believes in the healing power of natural hemp and its beneficial effect on the health of the body and soul. They do not doubt that natural hemp is the very means that makes the multilayered complex care of ourselves and our inner landscape easy and possible for everyone. They, therefore, take great care in the quality of their hemp products.

In addition to premium natural ingredients, expertise and a strictly controlled production process, they also put into them a firm belief that CBD and other cannabinoids can truly help everyone. And it doesn't matter if you are using the potential of cannabinoids and products containing them for the prevention of civilization diseases, for boosting immunity, harmonizing all internal processes or as a companion that can help you with specific conditions such as inflammation, chronic pain, insomnia and many other ailments. The spectrum of possible uses is wide. And Hemnia products work for you, for your health.

In the brand's rapidly expanding portfolio, you'll find: full spectrum hemp CBD oils in concentrations ranging from 5 to 30 per cent, as well as flavoured CBD oils in MCT coconut oil with 10% CBD content and a subtle aroma of mint, lemon or green tea.

You'll also discover CBD Gummies in the form of gummy bears or gelatinous strawberries coated in sour sugar, a range of popular CBN oils for a good night's sleep that combine CBN (in concentrations of 2.5, 5, 10 and 20 %) and always 2.5 % CBD for best results. You may also be interested in herbal blends with hemp to promote health and balance, or even versatile CBD crystals (CBD isolate). And more products are being launched.

You can keep up with updates and news at www.hemnia.com.