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Cannabis in business

How to do effective email marketing in the cannabis business

Email harvesting: How can email marketing increase sales and customer loyalty in the cannabis business?

Cannabis advertising is banned on most social platforms, making it often difficult for cannabis e-shops to attract attention to new products or increase website traffic. Email marketing is a powerful tool to help keep a brand in front of customers. Wondering how effective email marketing can help you increase sales and shopper loyalty? Then get reading so you can get it started as soon as possible too.

How to choose the right e-commerce platform for your e-shop?

How to choose the right e-commerce platform for your e-shop?

The e-commerce sector in the Czech Republic has enjoyed high popularity since the pandemic. Although the sales of many e-shops have dropped significantly in 2022, it is still a sphere that attracts entrepreneurs. In order for an e-commerce venture to be successful, a sole trader or company must also choose the optimal e-commerce platform for their e-shop. But how to choose the right one?

third-party testing

Independent third-party testing - assurance for you and your customers

The cannabis industry has enormous potential, but unfortunately some traders are taking advantage of this in an unethical way, withholding or misrepresenting information about the composition of the products they sell. If you want to make sure you are offering your customers the best, and most importantly, safe products, pay attention to the following article to learn what third party testing is for, what the methods are and what can be analysed for products containing cannabinoids.

vánoční nákupy

12 tips to prepare your online business for the Christmas season

During the holiday season, there is an opportunity to capitalize on consumers who are looking forward to shopping for their family, friends and themselves. Christmas 2023 is knocking on the door and cannabis brandies are in for a green shopping spree. All types of businesses experience a spike in sales during this period, and for cannabis e-tailers, this can be especially beneficial. Is your cannabis online business ready for the Christmas onslaught? Check out these 12 tips to amplify your marketing strategies, maximize sales and improve the shopper experience in your online store.