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CANATURA WHOLESALE | Hemp products for health from manufacturers we trust

We are a wholesale specializing in hemp products, exclusively from renowned producers, with over 3,000 products in stock. We also sell equipment for vaping CBD and herbs; both desktop and portable vaporizers, vape pens, spare parts and accessories. We have a wide range of cannabinoid products: CBG, CBN and CBD drops, oils and tinctures, CBD gummies and other sweets, CBD capsules, sprays, liquids, CBD flowers, and much more. We sell hemp cosmetics (ointments, creams, balms, soaps), hemp food and supplements, dog and cat food or treats. We believe in the values of fair play and the power of partnership. We offer reliability, proven high-quality products, advice, and both fair pricing and dealing.

Green chemical tube with cannabis icon, what is 10-OH-HHC

10-OH-HHC: An interesting alternative for your customers

Summer is here, and with it comes hot news - vapes, flowers, hash and gummies with the cannabinoid 10-OH-HHC. If you're deciding whether to include it in your lineup, you'll want to know some basic information. What makes 10-OH-HHC unique, what are its effects and how does it differ from HHC? Find the answers in this article.

CBD cosmetics, various skin and body creams, serums, balms and shampoos on the shelf

CBD cosmetics: Why is it so popular and what is its potential?

The popularity of CBD is growing. Users are looking to it as an innovative ingredient in natural cosmetics, and research to date suggests that cannabidiol could be an effective solution for a range of cosmetic and health problems. Find out what the state of the CBD cosmetics market is, which products are most popular among users, and what the potential effects of CBD in caring cosmetics might be.

Young couple deciding which vaporizer is the best in 2024

The best portable vaporizers for 2024

Portable vaporizers are still the number one choice for customers. It brings you tips on top-of-the-range pieces that impress not only with advanced features, but also with unusual design. Which portable vaporizers for dry herbs or concentrates should not be missing from your range this year? How do the new models outperform their predecessors? Meet the new generation of vaporizers from PAX, Puffco and Dynavap, as well as the star from Storz & Bickel.

What is CBDP and what products can you offer your customers?

What is CBDP and what products can you offer your customers?

Are you looking for new products for your customers? Today, we're introducing CBDP, which appears to be a stronger variant of CBD and is also non-psychoactive. Find out what CBDP is, how it is produced, its effects, its legal status and what products you can already delight your customers with.